We have the best department. Fun fact: Dr. Dolly saw Doc’s and thought it was unfair she didn’t have one, and so she made one herself. 

Dr.Dolly wonders why we think she is an amazing powerhouse in our department in her own right. Then she does stuff like getting students to help her make memes. Dr. Dolly Jenkins-Mullen you are a bad ass

Reblogging again because it’s relevant. 

In follow up to the Dolly thesis question (the answer is obviously no, I have not finished my thesis)…

You guys are going to see this post a lot with the editions we add. 

2 years ago, over Thanksgiving break I believe, I was crying in a Starbucks over 12 books on juvenile delinquency and my good friend Donnell texted me the top photo of doc. I then made it into a meme to make myself feel better. 

Donnell texted it to Dr. Dolly and she asked me to teach her how to make one. Cameron George and I sat in her office with her the next week and showed her how to do it.

Billy Justus put the Doc meme online, I put the Dr. Dolly one up.

There ya go kids, that’s the story of this silly UNCA POLS tradition thingy.

edit: sorry for mistakes, i’m a tipsy overworked half-adult.


Anonymous asked:

I feel so useless sitting here. What can I do to help Ferguson??